What We Do

The Student Congress has been very busy since it first originated in September of 2014. Here’s a list of everything we have had our hands full with:

  • Alumni Advisory Association (AAA): The Governance committee is working on setting up a network of Alumni who choose to be involved with the Student Congress after graduation.
  • Austin Trip: We brought a group of 100 students from across the district to Austin to meet with legislatures and lobby with HISD’s legislative agenda.
  • Chapters: Governance started chapters at various high schools and now chapters are doing everything from starting Bring a Book partnerships with elementary schools to starting test prep programs and recycling initiatives. Now we are working on starting partners schools for chapters so high schools can team up and develop projects together.
  • Dear HISD blog: This is a blog for all HISD students, both inside and outside of the Congress, to share their opinions about education. Check it out here.
  • Email newsletter: We are creating a monthly email newsletter to be sent out to students and administrators. This will include news from the Congress, highlights from our blog, and committee updates. Join our newsletter here!
  • Focus Groups: We have organized multiple focus groups at the request of HISD regarding PowerUP, STAAR promotion materials, Mexican American Studies, and school lunches.
  • Food Conservation Program: The Congress has been working on a food conservation program that would help eliminate waste from HISD schools by taking reusable foods from HISD cafeterias, with the help of students, parents and teachers, and donating them to the food bank so as to help feed HISD’s underprivileged students both at home and at school. The contract has already been signed between Second Servings and HISD Nutrition Services.
  • Pro-Safety Movement: The Advocacy committee has been working on a 5-step plan that would aim to lower gang related issues in schools for this coming school year and has presented to the HISD administration.
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): Pretty self-explanatory. We make sure our three social media accounts are updated regularly with interesting content and news about the Congress.
  • StuCon Radio: The Student Congress has a bi-monthly radio show on 90.1 KPFT. The show is run by students and features students, teachers, and even the occasional superintendent, as we discuss the issues that affect us the most.  Hear us Thursdays at 4:30!
  • Student Code of Conduct: HISD has invited the Student Congress to edit our district’s code of conduct. We are seeking to making the code more equitable and comprehensible for students and parents. Advocacy (In conjunction with many others in the Congress) has offered a series of edits and amendments to be made to the Student Code of Conduct and is currently working on getting a Bill of Rights to be added to the Code of Conduct.
  • TEDxHISD: The Student Congress is organizing a TEDx conference with the cooperation of the school district. There will be over a dozen high school speakers and a hundred student attendees.
  • Your Voice: Last year, HISD conducted a survey of all its students asking for their thoughts on their schools. We took the data and republished it in a more accessible format on our website. We also published a statistic from the survey every day for a month on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are working with HISD administration to hopefully get input on the survey questions next year.

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