Thank you so much to everyone who came to this event! There’s something about bringing people and ideas together that just makes something magical happen. Selling my soul for a few weeks to organize this was totally worth it. I’d like to extend my special thank-you’s to all of my helpful volunteers who I couldn’t have done this without, to the Rice ASB students for all their support, to Mr. Einsel and Raoul from HISD for recording the event, and of course all my brave and talented students who spoke at the event. Love you all.
-Kate Ham, TEDxHISD Chief Organizer

TEDxHISD happened on April 9th, 2016 from 1-5 in the Anderson Bio Lab Lecture Hall 131 at Rice University.

Flickr Page of the Photos

Here are the photos I have from the event available for you to download. They are also all on our Facebook page.


YouTube Playlist

TEDxHISD Program

Here is the program we distributed the day of the event. It includes information about all of the speakers and performers.

What is TED/TEDx?

“TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.

The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

At TEDx events, a screening of TED Talks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections at the local level. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED.”

Go check out their website for more information and tons of cool TED talk videos!

What is TEDxHISD?

The HISD Student Congress held its own TEDx event for the students of HISD. We had the license and served as the coordinators, but it was all about you guys! With the topic of “our shared future,” TEDxHISD shared perspectives and ideas from students all around the city.

Part of our organization’s mission is to empower students with a voice. Often times your experiences (especially in the classroom) are never shared beyond your school, sometimes even beyond your classmates. StuCon brings together students from across all different HISD schools to finally meet and discuss their experiences and perspectives. This TEDx event does that and more, and hopefully TEDxHISD can be an annual StuCon event.

What is meant by “our shared future”?

This was the same prompt that our founder Zaakir Tameez (CVHS, 2015) was given before he set out to create the HISD Student Congress. Because we love throwbacks and we love student voice, we encourage students apply to speak, to share their stories, to reveal their thoughts on a topic that brings us all together. We also chose it because we didn’t want to necessarily limit speeches to those about education. Feel free to interpret it how you’d like to.

When and where was it?

UPDATE: With our friends from Rice ASB, we had the event April 9th, 2016 from 12-6 in the Anderson Bio Lab Lecture Hall 131 at Rice University.

What did TEDxHISD look like?

TEDxHISD was a free, ticketed event (our maximum was 100 people) where student speakers shared their ideas and thoughts about our topic “our shared future,” maybe even with a presentation. There was be food and performers and interesting old TED talk videos.

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