Austin Trip!

By: Sara Ho, Bellaire, 2016 On March 22, 2015, 100 people clad in stylish blue Student Congress t-shirts gathered in the parking lot of the Hattie Mae White building in the wee hours of the morning. Two full yellow school buses carted everyone, two or three to a seat, from Houston to the State Capitol […]

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StuCon for Middle School Students!

Our final meeting this semester  (11-3 at T.H. Rogers on May 16th) is carnival themed and geared towards middle school students! High School students please RSVP here, and all others (including middle school students!) RSVP here. Find FAQ for this event here. We have a lot planned for students, as they’ll have the opportunity to […]

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Mexican American Studies Focus Group

On April 4th, we met with Erica Deakins, Manager of Innovative Projects at HISD, and Doug Torres-Edwards, who is directly in charge of the Mexican American Studies (MAS) program at HISD to offer our feedback on the new course that will be offered at trial schools in the 2015-2016 school year. Currently, we’re working on editing the Innovative course […]

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April 25th @ East Early

Hola, The year is coming to an end and our 2nd to last meeting this year will be at East Early College High (220 N Milby St) from 11-3 on April 25th. RSVP here, and read the tentative agenda below: 11:00-11:10: Students Arrive 11:10-11:15: Speaker Speaks, 11:15-12:30: Austin Recap, Middle School Meeting, and Food Service presentation. […]

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PowerUP Focus Group

On April 2nd, we met with someone from HISD at Midtown Bar and Grill to give feedback on the HUB and the PowerUP program. Here were our main suggestions: Teacher Development— Teachers should be given more training on how to effectively use the HUB in the classroom Soft cases–Giving students soft cases instead of hard […]

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And the Results Are In… Thanks to everyone who RSVP’d and voted! We have our new speaker and committee chairs for next year, and we’re excited to announce them here: Speaker – Amy Fan, Bellaire, 2016 Advocacy Chair – Demetron Dotson, Austin, 2017 Initiative Chair – Anusha De, Bellaire, 2017 Finance Chair – Jacob Castillo, […]


Feb 21st Meeting

Yet another productive meeting, this time at the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. The meeting started off with a short statement from Athena Reed, Executive Director at Save our Kids America, about an upcoming talent show that would serve as a fundraiser. Then after a few amendments were passed by Governance Chair […]

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Our Voice

Around May last year, the Houston Independent School District launched an incredible, census-like survey of 163,000 students and parents across Houston. It is the most comprehensive research the district has ever conducted on student voice. I remember taking it myself, bubbling in my thoughts about my school, my teachers, and my peers. It asks constructive, […]

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Feb7th Recap

Hey there, So a lot when on today with the Student Congress at KPFT- 6 meetings in total. Initiative Meeting: Initiative committee met to plan for Bring a Book implementation. We talked about potential hang ups, strategies for approaching school administration, and other specifics. Outreach Meeting: We reviewed the TEDx application and discussed outreach for […]

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