Our Voice

Around May last year, the Houston Independent School District launched an incredible, census-like survey of 163,000 students and parents across Houston. Dubbed “Your Voice”, it is the most comprehensive research the district has ever conducted on student opinion. It asks constructive, important questions that are relevant to students, such as “Thinking about all your experiences at your school, how likely are you to recommend your school to others?”

The results give an important glimpse into what we students think. For that reason, we’ve decided to publish the data  in an easy-to-use Google spreadsheet. HISD has all this data for public access here; all we’re doing is presenting it in a simple, lucid format. As the subjects of this survey, we’re calling it “Our Voice”.

10966907_626317790847962_804024356_n (1)

We hope the entire Houston community of business, labor, civic leaders, parents, educators, school boards, and students will find this data useful. We certainly will.

I invite you to see the data here. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the methodology or the survey itself, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Zaakir Tameez
(281) 919-6688
Speaker of the Congress

Note: As of now, we have only compiled the data for high schools, but we’re working on the rest right now. We’ll periodically update the spreadsheets to add more information as well.

EDIT 3.21.2015: Data is now available for all groups! Check it out:

High School Students

High School Parents

Middle School Students

Middle School Parents

Elementary School Students

Elementary School Parents

This project was the concerted effort of the Internal Analyst and Social Media subcommittees of the Governance and Outreach Committees.

Governance Committee
Raquel Douglas (Committee Chair, CVHS ’15)
Jeremiah Pratt (Chief Internal Analyst, HSPVA ’15)
Yeannet Ruiz (Internal Analyst, Barbara Jordan ’15)
Phillip Shen (Internal Analyst, HSPVA ’17)

Outreach Committee
Amy Fan (Committee Chair, Bellaire ’16)
Taysia Demesa (Social Media Manager, HSPVA ’17)
Andrea Jamie (Social Media Manager, LECJ ’16)
Jessica DeBoe (Social Media Manager, HSPVA ’17)



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