Middle Schools

Our final meeting this semester will be focused on sharing the congress with middle school students, faculty and parents. We have a lot in store for this entirely student-organized meeting, from chances to be on our radio show and blog to various stations and gaming booths. See the flyer for the event here, and read all the FAQ below. There’s a contact form at the bottom in case you have more questions.

1. When and where is this event?

This meeting will be at T.H. Rogers at 5840 San Felipe St on May 16th from 11-3.

  1.  Who all is invited?

EVERYONE. Middle school students, high school students, parents, alumni, teachers, principals, administrators. Just make sure to RSVP! High school students should RSVP here. Middle school students and everyone should RSVP here.

  1. Who is running this meeting?

The meeting is entirely organized and run by HISD Student Congress. Everything, from the emails and flyers to the booths and prizes/food, is a result of dedicated teenagers brainstorming, planning and organizing.

  1. What all will occur at this meeting?

The entire meeting is meant to be interesting and informative. After a short presentation on what the congress is and what we have done, guests will attend their first committee meeting. Then, we will have lunch and “fun time.” During lunch, our incoming Outreach chair will host Open Mic, where interested middle school students will be able to come onstage and tell everyone how they feel about education and what they would change.

Wondering what’s included in fun time? Go here.

Afterwards, the outgoing and incoming committee chairs talk about their committees and what they’ve done this year. Guests will be have time to ask questions.  Guests will then chose another committee meeting to attend, transition, and then attend one that’s chosen for them at random. Finally, the Speaker speaks again, and raffle and contest winners are announced. Students will have the opportunity to speak about their experiences that day and then we will dismiss.

  1. How do middle school students sign up for these events?

They can sign up for all the fun stuff as they RSVP! Certain events you don’t even need to sign up for. Just show up and walk to the booth!

  1. How can middle school kids stay involved with the congress?

They can sign up for our mailing list here, and attend our meetings next semester. See our tentative meeting dates on our calendar here. A few high schools also have local clubs that you can join next year to stay involved. Our three major chapters are at Debakey High School, the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), and Westside High School.

  1. How will food work?

Free food will be provided at the meeting. If all else fails to convince you, come for the free food.

  1. How do high school students volunteer at this event?

There are tens of positions for high school volunteers! Have them email governance@hisdstudentcongress.org for receive information on exactly what they can do.

 Still have more questions?


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