What are the rules?

All the rules can be found in the FES Election Handbook here. Since that’s filled with legal jargon, you can find a more simplified version of it below. The Fair Elections Subcommittee will be in charge of the elections process. All candidates must respect each other.

 Who can run?

Any HISD Student Congress member who is a sophomore or a junior, who’s joined at least one committee, and who has attended at least one meeting a semester since joining can run. Anyone can run for speaker. Only members of a specific committee can run for Chair of that committee.

Can I campaign?

Yes, but there are strict limits for campaigning. No campaigning is allowed outside of the means the HISD Student Congress provides. Shortly after March 1st, candidates will be asked to provide a photograph of themselves, a 200-300 word personal statement (bio), and a campaign platform of no more than two sentences. All information for all candidates will be provided on a page on the website, social media and in an email blast. Every candidate will have the exact same amount of media coverage throughout the Student Congress website and social media accounts. Every posting of candidates on the HISD Student Congress website and social media page must include all candidates. No money can be spent on campaigns and no bribing is allowed.

Candidates who break these rules (or others), are subject to have their speech time eliminated. Candidates will be given time to speak at both March meetings.

Who can vote and how does voting work?

Any member of the HISD Student Congress who has signed up for at least one committee and who has attended at least one meeting a semester can vote. Members can only vote for the Chair of their committee, and they can only vote in the election of one committee chair. Voting will occur electronically. Every eligible voter will be emailed a voting pin (once a week before elections and again the day of) and will receive the link to vote via email on the day of elections.

If no candidate receives more that 50% of all the votes, then run-offs will occur.

When and where are elections?

Elections will be held in March.  Each newly elected Cabinet member will begin their term at the conclusion of the school year. The incumbent will serve as a mentor to the newly elected Cabinet member.

Elections are not allowed to occur at any HISD school. This year, they will take place on March 28th at Rice.

How long are terms?

Terms are held for one year. There are no term limits.

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