dearHISD #1 Leslie Former Student at High School for Law and Justice

There have been a few rumors that for the High School for Law and Justice, there will be no more school transportation for students who live far away since the school is moving. The student who lives far away will be given metro cards as transportation. It is also said that the student will be given touchscreen laptops. I feel that is the most foolish idea that HISD has taken. I don’t know what was HISD thinking when picking the new location for the new school because it is clear that the area for the high school is known for being dangerous and a lot of homeless people. How can a parent trust that their child will arrive safely at school? Cutting transportation will difficult parents plan if the child won’t be able to get HISD transportation because they also have a job to get to and transferring the child to another school would make the child lose credits. Also a former student of HISD, the student does not need touchscreen laptops, it is a waste of money!! Students do not take care of the laptop and have ruined them accidentally and purposely plenty of time. So give them touch screens will not better their education. There has also been an incident in that high school military ball, where a JROTC student had sexual intercourse and got caught. It is said that the principle, sent the used condom to the parents of the child who committed the sexual activity. I feel that the principle action was unnecessary and disrespectful, and should be done something about it.

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