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Here are your candidates for this year’s HISD Student Congress Elections. Within each category, candidates are arranged by the order that they declared. Elections will take place March 26th from 10-1PM at T.H. Rogers. Get more details and RSVP here. Questions about Elections? Go here for Elections FAQ.

Candidates for Speaker

Zoe Parker, Debakey 2017,

My name is Zoe Parker and I am a junior from DeBakey High School. Throughout my years in high school, I’ve become more aware of the problems we face as a district. As a Speaker who represents the students within this Congress, I will voice the concerns and desires of HISD’s students by advocating for improvement in the school system such as having school buses for tutorials for schools that don’t already have them, and college prep programs so that students are better prepared for the college admission process. I would also like to expand the Congress because there are so many more schools with worse problems to be addressed. If you share these concerns, vote me as your Speaker so we can tackle them together!

Miroslava Arujo, LECJ, 2017

As a current member of Student Congress, I feel as if I’ve grown to be a part of this little family that collaborates in making a difference. However, I would like a more prominent role in the organization and believe that I would be a good contribution to Student Congress. I’m very resourceful and when given freedom to do an assigned task, I can accomplish it well. I enjoy talking, working with fellow members, collaborating on ideas with one another as well. My goal is to keep our meetings and fun, but also serious.


Jessica DeBoe, HSPVA 2017

My name is Jessica DeBoe, I’m a junior at HSPVA, and this election, I’m running for Speaker. I’ve been with this organization ever since its first meeting, and have served in the cabinet as the head of the former Outreach Committee, and have been involved with the TEDx project and SNAC (Student Nutrition Advisory Committee).  If elected, I would crack down on membership and cabinet roles to make sure everyone is doing his part in participating in HISD Student Congress. I would work to further unite us as an organization, and use our now small size to our advantage. Although fewer people now regularly attend meetings, we have attracted loyal members who will allow us to build a better future.

Jalesha Bass, Yates 2017

Jalesha has not submitted a candidate statement yet



Candidates for Issues Chair:

Demetron Dotson, Austin HS, 2017

I have been in HISD my whole Life! Since I’ve  started going to school in at Northwest prep and currently Austin High. I have gained the experience to know and understand  what it’s like to attend both Exemplary and non exemplary schools, and I can tell you There is A BIG DIFFERENCE, in perspectives, as to what is the issues are within each and every individual school. And so it is important to understand the prospective of the issues that is to be presented as the head of the Issue Committee. Therefore knowing that the Head leader of the Issue Committee has no certain bias in the issues presented to him . It ensures Satisfaction to know that the leader of the Issue Committee can come to understand the environment of the schools being represented.

Candidates for Research Chair :

Amber Farias, Energy Institute HS, 2017

Hello, everyone! I have been with StuCon since the very first meeting we had back in 2014 at Hattie Mae White. I remember standing alongside dozens of other HISD high schoolers that experience the same day-to-day problems throughout the district. Flash forward to the present and I still stand with my fellow peers in fighting against everyday adversities. These problems and challenges require thorough research, which I know I can provide as I work to solve these issues. By talking with students, deploying surveys, and gathering accredited information, I am able to bring change in our district. Vote me for Research Committee Chair! Thank you.

Alex Jin, Debakey HS, 2017
I deserve to be the Research Committee Chair because I believe I am capable of performing the duties of this position –  supervising the actions of the Research Committee and participating in the general work of the Committee. I am aptly prepared to supervise the members of the Research Committee because not only do I know many StuCon members if not by name by face from attended meetings but also I have led a project of my own design to success. For the second duty of the Chair, I have had research experience from school and work well with others.


Candidates for Project Chair:

Amna Ali, Debakey HS 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Amna, and I’m a junior at DeBakey HSHP. I’m running for project committee because, to put it simply, I really like organizing things. In the Debakey Student Congress chapter, I’m head of initiative, and I was able to set up a mentorship program with sessions from college students from Duke and Stanford. I also worked on setting up volunteering projects such as “Bring a Book” at Blackshear Elementary School. As an experienced debater, I understand the importance of speaking up and looking at multiple perspectives and opinions that surround a particular issue, key values of Student Congress.



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