Martha Aguirre 2017-2018 Speaker Extraordinaire of HISD Student Congress

Martha Aguirre, Westbury High School Class of 2018, is an extraordinary student she is an EMERGE Fellow, Speaker of HISD StuCon, top of her class, and on the founding team of I.E. Houston. Martha is a smart, loving, determined, and hard working person. She has worked her butt off in order get into Dartmouth College by mixing; school, work, EMERGE, StuCon and so much more. As Media Director and working right next to her this school year on the Board of HISD StuCon, I have seen the Struggle it is for her to mix so many things in order to achieve her goal be the first one in her family to go to college. But, not any college but an IVY LEAGUE school. Her goal from the beginning of the year was “I WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE.”

She has made her family so happy that her mom is always saying to everyone in the family “Martha is going to the best school in the US!” Her mom is so proud that her daughter is going to college but not just any college. She is going to the best college. This is every parent’s dream, especially for a 1st generation American.

Martha, you have done a great job this year with StuCon. Gram and I thank you, for all that you have done with this group and I hope that next year in college you will be the best damn student at Dartmouth.

Best Wishes,

2018-2019 HISD Student Congress Board


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