Meeting at East Early College

On a wonderfully rainy and miserable morning, a group of teenagers roamed the halls of East Early College High School for the second-to-last Student Congress meeting of the year.

And after some bragging about the Austin trip (TL;DR: 100 PEOPLE + TALKING W/ LEGISLATORS + PICTURES+ STUDENT-RUN STUDENT-LED POWER) and the Student Code of Conduct (TL;DR: GIANT MEETING WITH 50+ IMPORTANT PEOPLE AND STUCON TAKES UP 80% OF THE AGENDA), we had some special guests join us.

Audene Chung and Amanda Oceguera from HISD Nutrition Services brought along samples of some chili and sweet potato cake for us to munch on. Meanwhile, they gave a thorough presentation about how Aramark and HISD Nutrition Services operate and took our questions and feedback about HISD food.

They also brought up the app Nutrislice where students can view the lunch menus on their phone and offer feedback on specific dishes.

Afterwards, Ann McCoy, a professor at the University of Houston, talked with us and asked us what we would change and keep about our schools.

And since there was a surplus of chili and cake, we ate that for lunch and then broke up into committee meetings.

Advocacy left the Student Congress meeting early to attend a Restorative Justice Conference at the University of Houston. (Ditchers. :P)

Finance brainstormed ideas for fundraisers and potential sponsorships.

Governance worked out the logistics for the last meeting at T.H. Rogers.

Initiative brainstormed ideas for their booths for the middle school meeting and started planning their arts initiative.

Outreach discussed future plans for TEDxHISD and worked out plans for booths at the middle school meeting.

Photos from the meeting can be found here.


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