StuCon for Middle School Students!

Our final meeting this semester  (11-3 at T.H. Rogers on May 16th) is carnival themed and geared towards middle school students! High School students please RSVP here, and all others (including middle school students!) RSVP here. Find FAQ for this event here.

We have a lot planned for students, as they’ll have the opportunity to attend committee meetings, speak about their experiences in HISD, win chances to be on our blog and radio show. Here’s a run down of some of the fun we will have at this meeting:

  • Raffle– Middle school students will be given a series of trivia questions about the Congress at the beginning of the meeting, and for each correct question they can win tickets to the raffle. Prizes include spots on our radio show, food, blog interviews, and more!
  • Mentorship– Middle school students who sign up for this in the RSVP will be put into mentor groups for the day. Each group will have a high school “mentor”. The student and mentor will together explore the Congress and meet all the cool people.
  • Writing Contest– When Middle school students RSVP, they’ll have the option of joining our writing contest, where they’ll be given a general prompt to answer. All responses will go on the DearHISD, but prizes will go out to some of the top writers. Entries are due on May 13th. Please visit our blog for more information.
  • Open Mic– During lunch, Middle school students will have the opportunity to come onstage and tell everyone about their experiences with in HISD and what they would like to change.
  • Committee Booths– Each committee will have their own booth that will recruit students to that committee, inform them of what the committee has done this year, and entertain them with mini activities. Expect a talent show, pun contest, candy, games, and so much more!
  • DearHISD Booth– Middle school students can work with StuCon editors to produce an article for DearHISD, our blog. Check it out here. If you don’t finish, no worries! We’ll exchange contact information with you, and work with you online after the meeting.
  • Photobooth– We will have a student photographer, backdrop, and props. Have fun, take pictures! We will post the pictures later for you to download.
  • Petition– We will have a large poster on which middle school students will be able to list issues relating to their education and HISD that they would like to see resolved.
  • Radio Show– Middle school students will be able to simulate a radio show. Interviews will be recorded, and possibly be featured on StuCon radio!
  • Logo/Slogan Contest– We will have a submission box where anyone – StuCon members and middle school students- will be able to submit their ideas for a logo and slogan. 5 logos and 5 slogans will be selected as finalists; the artists/authors will receive extra raffle tickets. The best logo and slogan will be featured on our blog and social media accounts and they will receive an extra special present :3
  • …and a few surprises

Save the date. Can’t wait to see you there!


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