PowerUP Focus Group

On April 2nd, we met with someone from HISD at Midtown Bar and Grill to give feedback on the HUB and the PowerUP program.

Here were our main suggestions:

  • Teacher Development— Teachers should be given more training on how to effectively use the HUB in the classroom
  • Soft cases–Giving students soft cases instead of hard cases so that they’ll fit into backpacks more easily and be easier to carry. 
  • More local control— The IT department at each school should have administrative access and be able to approve programs to install
  • Driver installation— Many people aren’t able to use their own mouses, printers, keyboard, Bluetooth headphones, etc. on the HISD laptops 
  • Feedback form on the HUB–just a suggestion box on the sidebar.
  • Being able to use the HUB on Chrome.
  • Unblocking websites at home–in particular: 
    • Pandora
    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Netflix
    • Imgur
    • Reddit
    • Moviepilot

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