And the Results Are In…

Thanks to everyone who RSVP’d and voted! We have our new speaker and committee chairs for next year, and we’re excited to announce them here:

Speaker – Amy Fan, Bellaire, 2016

Advocacy Chair – Demetron Dotson, Austin, 2017

Initiative Chair – Anusha De, Bellaire, 2017

Finance Chair – Jacob Castillo, Austin, 2016

Governance Chair – Michael Talanker, Carnegie, 2016

Outreach Chair – Jessica DeBoe, HSPVA, 2017

Thanks to all candidates who participated!

In addition to elections, individual committees met and got stuff done.

Advocacy Committee discussed issues that they would like to focus on next year, including school safety and recycling

Initiative Committeeetalked about 1) incorporating Bring a Book into the HISD curriculum, 2) contacting Discovery Green and working with their creative writing program, 3) planning their arts initiative, and 4) planning a college readiness initiative.

Finance Committee discussed potential non-profit organizations to partner with for a fundraising activity. The most likely candidate is Community in Schools-Houston (http://cishouston.org/).

Governance worked out the logistics for the final meeting of the year for middle school kid, having an alumni organization, and partnering with other committees to complete certain projects.

Outreach started planning the logistics of TEDxHISD: recruiting speakers, training speakers, potentially having performers, and promoting the event.


Don’t forget about the Austin trip on April 22. Anyone can go, as long as you fill out the form here and email it to speaker@hisdstudentcongress.org.

Focus groups: HISD has also asked us to put together focus groups about PowerUp and a Mexican American Studies course. Email speaker@hisdstudentcongress.org if you would like to join.


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