Feb 21st Meeting

Yet another productive meeting, this time at the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

The meeting started off with a short statement from Athena Reed, Executive Director at Save our Kids America, about an upcoming talent show that would serve as a fundraiser.

Then after a few amendments were passed by Governance Chair Raquel Douglas, a string of announcements about Bring a Book, chapters, and elections. Oh, and bragging about the success about Dear HISD, our newly launched blog. (No bias at all. #outreachisthebestcommittee)

Pizza arrived at around this time, which meant that it was LUNCHTIME. We did our best to serve pizza to the 40+ people that showed up, although we ran out of plates and had to use paper towels. Food is food is food though.

Afterwards, here’s what each committee discussed in their committee meeting.

Advocacy Committee planned a series of meeting about gang violence, food recovery, and the Code of Conduct. Afterwards, they set up chairs in a circle and went around sharing the problems with their schools.

Finance Committee is teaming up with chapters to help with fundraising. They also discussed the

Governance Committee hardcore focused on chapters since all the elections details were set.

Initiative Committee worked on the launch of the  Bring a Book initiative. Soon the committee will advertise for the project so that students can tutor elementary kids! Initiative is also working with a writing class at Discovery Green.

Outreach Committee worked out some of the logistics for TEDx and talked about assembling a Social Media Brigade and a workshop for potential speakers.

Then we all came back together in the cafeteria to recap. The last 10 minutes of the meeting were supposed to feature Speaker Zaakir Tameez dancing in front of the cafeteria, but that never happened. So we just sent everyone off to enjoy the rest of their Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who came! You can see photos from the meeting here. 


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