Jan31 Recap

Lots of PEOPLE! We had 60 attend in all,  big shout out to everyone for coming!

This was probably our most productive and funnest meeting so far. We got A LOT done, and even though today is the Superbowl, we’ll be making the ground rumble for months to come.

Here’s what each committee did:

Governance Committee worked on creating the groundwork for a chapter system and a subcommittee to right the playbook for elections in March. They also finished going through the bulk packages of amendments. There will be a meeting on February 7th for general governance, the chapter system, and election rules.
Initiative Committee had their amendment passed to be renamed from Agenda Committee. They also named their reading initiative, Bring a Book, and are aiming to start ASAP in ten high schools (Debakey, Furr, Westside, Bellaire, HSPVA, Carnegie, Worthing, North Houston, and East Early) and elementary schools. There will be a meeting on February 7th. There will be a meeting on February 7th for general initiative.
Outreach Committee brainstormed a half dozen ideas for radio shows, introduced new members to all the buzzing outreach plans, and delegated tasks for TEDxHISD, KPFT, DearHISD.org, and the social media accounts. There will be a meeting on February 7th for general outreach and the radio show.
Advocacy Committee is hitting on three things: solving food wastage, evaluating the Student Code of Conduct, and proposing anti-gang measures to HISD. They are meeting privately with board trustee Anna Eastman next Saturday for food wastage, and they are scheduling a meeting for the code of conduct and anti-gang measures right now.
Finance Committee is going to reach out to local businesses for sponsors and pizza. They submitted a proposal to HISD for general funding, too. Some of them will attend Governance’s chapter meeting to provide fundraising ideas to chapters, too.
And that just scratches the surface. You can find meeting minutes here and the amendments passed here.

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