January 10th Meeting Recap

FREE PIZZA. That is all.

Just kidding. We got a lot more done than that in our first meeting of the year. Food did help a lot though. That, and Austin High School letting us use their cafeteria and classrooms. (Thanks!)

After an introduction from Zaakir Tameez, the speaker of the Congress, Raquel Douglas, the Governance chair, presented some amendments to the Constitution regarding membership and elections, which were then voted on. You can see the amendments here.

Then we broke up into committees. Here’s what each group talked about

The Finance Committee worked out the details on how to gain non-profit 501(c) status and planned potential fundraisers for the Congress.

The Advocacy Committee discussed potential causes they could support.

The Agenda Committee discussed their new reading initiative and appointed chairs for their subcommittees. They will be meeting this Saturday to discuss further.

The Governance committee looked over the newly approved amendments, discussed parliamentary procedure, looked at statistics for a potential infographic about the Congress, and talked about the current email system.

The Outreach Committee finalized the logo and design of the DearHISD.org blog and got together a team of people who will be hosting the KPFT radio show.

Afterwards,  it was time for Ted Weisgal from Leisure Learning Unlimited to give his class on Robert’s Rules of Order. For the next three and a half hours, (with a lunch break in between) we had an interactive class complete with impromptu meetings about starting an a capella group and a simulation of a meeting held according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

And that’s it! Here’s to a great 2015. Our next meeting will be on January 31st at HAIS (to be confirmed).

You can find the meeting minutes here.

Fun fact: 42 students showed up to the meeting. Is the Congress is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? (Answer: Probably not, but we’re getting there.)


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