Meeting with Juliet Stipeche

Earlier today the cabinet and a few members from outreach met with Board President Juliet Stipeche at the Midtown Grill. Stipeche brought along Dr. Billy Reagan, who was HISD’s longest serving superintendent for 12 years.  He created magnet programs and actually integrated the city after the civil rights act.
Dr. Reagan really, really, really likes what we’re doing. He loved the Chronicle article and encouraged us to apply for nonprofit status as soon as we can. He has many stories from his years in HISD and is especially concerned with reading rates now. We look forward to seeing him again in the future.
President Stipeche is equally enthusiastic, and she encouraged and will be helping us in our idea of creating a Teacher Advisory Council, with teachers from each HISD high school coming together as a support network for the Student Congress. They can help spread the word about the Congress within their own schools, provide transportation to/from meetings, offer advice to the cabinet, and offer support when asked. However, we will remain student-led, student run. As always.


  • Zaakir Tameez, Speaker of the Congress, (Carnegie ’15)
  • Raquel Douglas, Governance Committee Chair (Carnegie ’15)
  • Amy Fan, Outreach Committee Chair (Bellaire ’16)
  • Jessica DeBoe, Outreach Committee Blog Squad, (HSPVA ’17)
  • David Valerio, Chief Administrative Officer (Carnegie ’15)
  • Andrea Jamie, Outreach Committee Blog Squad Email & Instagram Manager (LECJ ’16)
  • Juliana Dunn, Agenda Committee Chair (Carnegie ’15)

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