Website meeting


  1. Mailchimp email layout: We made a few final adjustments to the layout that Kate made.
  2. Certificates: The newsletter sent to the principals would be identical to the one sent to students with a message from Governance about new members.
  3. Mailing List: We’re planning on importing our mailing list from Google into MailChimp, though we need to change the format slightly. Additionally, we wanted to change from using grade levels to using graduation years.


  1. Committees pages
    1. Where will they be on the website: Each committee will have their own page as a subpage of the “Committee” page
    2. How will they look: The format is flexible, but there should be a couple elements that each page should have– what we do, roles, contact information, etc.
    3. Who will post: Committee chairs are responsible for keeping their pages updating and for posting notes about their meeting on the site to ensure transparent communication.
  2. Constitution editing: Instead of making note of amendments directly on the constitution, we will change the constitution first and make note of all amendments on a separate page.
  3. Membership list: We decided against posting the entire list of members on our site for confidentiality reasons. Instead, to give people an idea of the size of the Congress, we will create a “facts and figure” page and infographic to publish on our site.

Other stuff

  1. Google Calendar: In the future, we will keep an updated Google Calendar on our website so that people know when our meetings are.
  2. Blog layout: With the exception of a logo, the “Dear HISD” site is ready, but we made a few final customizations.


  • Kate
  • Andrea
  • Jesus
  • Nolan
  • Tony
  • David
  • Raquel
  • Zaakir
  • Amy

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