Advocacy Leadership Meeting

Earlier today we had an Advocacy Committee Leadership Meeting.

It was between the cabinet -and Advocacy Committee, where we brought everyone up to date on what’s going on.

For example, we’re:

  • Creating a teacher advisory council and a school chapter system. To mobilize the students.
  • Negotiating with the board and Dr. Grier’s staff for having private meetings with HISD’s administration once a month. To get stuff done.
  • Helping to produce TEDxHISD and having students give TED Talks. To be permanently on the internet.
  • Proposing an idea of having a Student Congress Radio on KPFT. To get our voice on the airwaves.
  • Planning a trip to Austin during the legislative session.

All these things are going to happen, and we’re working on it as we speak. Ericka Mellon from the Chronicle was also there – she asked to come to a December meting so we invited her to this one. Her article will be out soon!


  • Zaakir Tameez, Speaker of the Congress, (Carnegie ’15)
  • Jamie Russell, Advocacy Committee Chair (Madison ’15)
  • Raquel Douglas, Governance Committee Chair (Carnegie ’15)
  • Jesus Solano, Finance Committee Chair (Carnegie ’15)
  • Demetron Dotson, Advocacy Committee Sergeant at Arms (Austin ’17)
  • Aviance Obie, Agenda Committee Member (Westbury ’16)
  • Jessica DeBoe, Outreach Committee Blog Squad, (HSPVA ’17)
  • David Valerio, Chief Administrative Officer (Carnegie ’15)
  • Andrea Jamie, Outreach Committee Blog Squad Email & Instagram Manager (LECJ ’16)

2 thoughts on “Advocacy Leadership Meeting

  1. Several years ago, Spring Woods High School in Houston conducted something called “Data-in-a-Day.” Youth, family members, and teachers became instructional partners and visited classrooms to take a snapshot of teaching and learning based on the question – To what extent are students – across all student groups – motivated to learn? The teams looked for 4 basic conditions – respect & connectedness (inclusion), choice & relevance (positive attitude to learn), challenge & engagement (meaning), and authentic evidence of learning (competence). If you are interested, I am sending along the URL. It has been a very powerful way for youth to provide feedback to teachers on instruction – and how to strengthen student motivation, based on student’s natural curiosity to learn.

    Cleveland High School in Seattle also did Data-in-a-Day for several years – (see )

    All the best to you! Margery (former ed. professor at University of Washington)

    1. Hi Dr. Ginsberg! It’s exciting to see someone from Washington State hear from us!

      Thank you for your research! I want to encourage you to join our mailing list so you can hear of our progress as we move forward:

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