Advocacy Leadership Meeting

Earlier today we had an Advocacy Committee Leadership Meeting.

It was between the cabinet -and Advocacy Committee, where we brought everyone up to date on what’s going on.

For example, we’re:

  • Creating a teacher advisory council and a school chapter system. To mobilize the students.
  • Negotiating with the board and Dr. Grier’s staff for having private meetings with HISD’s administration once a month. To get stuff done.
  • Helping to produce TEDxHISD and having students give TED Talks. To be permanently on the internet.
  • Proposing an idea of having a Student Congress Radio on KPFT. To get our voice on the airwaves.
  • Planning a trip to Austin during the legislative session.

All these things are going to happen, and we’re working on it as we speak. Ericka Mellon from the Chronicle was also there – she asked to come to a December meting so we invited her to this one. Her article will be out soon!


  • Zaakir Tameez, Speaker of the Congress, (Carnegie ’15)
  • Jamie Russell, Advocacy Committee Chair (Madison ’15)
  • Raquel Douglas, Governance Committee Chair (Carnegie ’15)
  • Jesus Solano, Finance Committee Chair (Carnegie ’15)
  • Demetron Dotson, Advocacy Committee Sergeant at Arms (Austin ’17)
  • Aviance Obie, Agenda Committee Member (Westbury ’16)
  • Jessica DeBoe, Outreach Committee Blog Squad, (HSPVA ’17)
  • David Valerio, Chief Administrative Officer (Carnegie ’15)
  • Andrea Jamie, Outreach Committee Blog Squad Email & Instagram Manager (LECJ ’16)

2 thoughts on “Advocacy Leadership Meeting

  1. Several years ago, Spring Woods High School in Houston conducted something called “Data-in-a-Day.” Youth, family members, and teachers became instructional partners and visited classrooms to take a snapshot of teaching and learning based on the question – To what extent are students – across all student groups – motivated to learn? The teams looked for 4 basic conditions – respect & connectedness (inclusion), choice & relevance (positive attitude to learn), challenge & engagement (meaning), and authentic evidence of learning (competence). If you are interested, I am sending along the URL. It has been a very powerful way for youth to provide feedback to teachers on instruction – and how to strengthen student motivation, based on student’s natural curiosity to learn.

    Cleveland High School in Seattle also did Data-in-a-Day for several years – (see )

    All the best to you! Margery (former ed. professor at University of Washington)

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