Reflections on November 13th Board Meeting

When I arrived at Hattie Mae White at 4:15,  I was not expecting to see a full parking lot. I wasn’t expecting to see a lobby full of students.I wasn’t expecting to immediately drop all my stuff and start handing out hundreds of t-shirts to people from over 20 schools.

I wasn’t expecting that by 7:00, after an hour and half of discussion, we would have been unanimously voted 7-0 into HISD board policy.

Our Twitter followership more than tripled after the meeting, and it was encouraging to see an entire room filled with students wearing blue HISD Student Congress shirts.

The meeting itself was pretty, well, boring, to say the least. Without dampening the seriousness of the issues that were discussed, it was tedious sitting there for over an hour listening to the board discuss issues that were seemingly irrelevant to our day to day education. (Our next meeting won’t be as boring, I promise.)

However, it was completely worth it once it was our turn, and I could hear my fellow Congress members speak about the Congress. And even more worth it to hear the board’s comments and vote us unanimously into board policy.

Thanks to all the students, parents, and teachers who showed up. Thanks to all the administrators who spread the word about the Congress within their schools. Thanks to everyone on our mailing list (both student and administrators) who tolerated our relentless stream of emails. Thanks to the Outreach Committee for helping to spread the word. Thanks to the board for allowing us to speak and pushing us up in the agenda so we could go home earlier. Thanks to everyone who offered to give a ride (including my ride, Sara.) and to all the parents who gave rides.

Additionally, thanks to the Cabinet, namely Zaakir and Raquel (Rocky), for providing good side conversation during the meeting and not letting me freak out before I gave my speech.

To watch the meeting, click here.

-Amy Fan

Chair of the Outreach Committee


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