October 18th Meeting

On October 18th, we had our second meeting. Below is a recap of what each committee discussed.

Advocacy Committee discussed general issues that needed to be addressed within HISD.

Agenda Committee brainstormed potential initiatives that they plan to run, in particular, tackling the issues of literacy and arts education.

Finance Committee discussed possible fundraiser events and debated whether to adopt HISD policy or apply for non-profit status.

Outreach Committee discussed the role of student representatives within their respective schools and decided against creating a formal chapter system. Instead, each school would get an “outreach kit” which they can adapt in their own way. We will have an increased social media presence as well: Twitter and Instagram accounts are coming soon in addition to the website and Facebook page.

Governance Committee brainstormed ways the Congress would handle transporting students from around the district to a central location. Carpooling to Hattie Mae White is available. If you need a ride, you can sign up here. If you would like to offer a ride, you can sign up here. They also proposed amendments to the Constitution for voting procedures, elections, and procedure. Finally, elections were held and positions are as follows: Michael Talanker as Secretary, Lauren Nyquist as Parliamentarian, and Jeremiah Pratt as Chief Internal Analyst.

If you want to join a committee, fill out this form here, and a committee chair will contact you shortly.

Our next meeting is on November 13th at 4:30PM at Hattie Mae White (4400 W. 18th St.)! This will be at a board meeting. We’re pushing to make the largest attendance of students to a board meeting in HISD history. We want to fill the room! All students who come will receive a t-shirt to wear and a chance to speak before the Board of Education and Superintendent.


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