Meeting with Sheriff Adrian Garcia

Our session today was with Sheriff Adrian Garcia. Before he arrived for the second half of the meeting, we discussed with each other problems focusing on education. One of the many pressing issues is how education focuses on mechanizing students and change gets lost in bureaucracy. Among students, student governments and honor societies are more focused on popularity and status achievement then getting things done. They also fail to represent students.

Altogether, student voice is lost both within high schools and at a larger district level. What our group needs to do is find a way to bypass those issues for an ultimate goal: to “humanize the education system”, as one member put it.

Sheriff Garcia discussed his experiences in high school and even at city council. As Sheriff, he finds that education is key to preventing crime, but unfortunately there’s little his office can do to effect district policy. He challenged us to find a way for students to get their voices heard in the education system. He suggested getting direct representation to the HISD Board of Education.

Formulating and proposing that idea will be the focus of the next meeting, which is with Juliet Stipeche, president of HISD. Perhaps our group can be the founders of an entity that works within HISD as a sort of district wide student advocacy group.


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