Meeting with Dr. Stephen Klineberg

Our meeting with Dr. Klineberg was enlightening and shed light about our city. Dr. Stephen Klineberg is a professor at Rice University who has been studying Houston’s transformations for over thirty years. He’s the director of the Kinder Institute, which runs comprehensive annual surveys about a wide range of topics. Klineberg’s research has driven local policy for quite some time.

In his presentation, Dr. Klineberg went through the history of Houston from the 1980s to now. His argument – compelling and inspiring – was that Houston is at the forefront of America’s demographic future. The most diverse city in the country, how Houston deals with its microcosm of cultures now will serve as a model for the country later. As a city, we need to invest in education to make for a better, stronger Houston. That begins with greater funding and appreciation for community colleges such as HCC and with early childhood education. One of the most important things for Houston’s future is quality education for all.

After Klineberg departed, we continued our discussion about a city. Our focus was thinking about how our generation can make a difference now for the future – after all, it is our generation that will inherit the future. Going forward, we plan to meet with Sheriff Adrian Garcia to further discuss what our group can do.


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